Esper Genesis at Metatopia

We had a fantastic weekend at Metatopia. It is a wonderful convention run by the great people at Double Exposure. The concept: Designers are the attendees with the players and other developers there to help them refine or present their product. It gave me a profound insight into the awesomeness of our gaming community as a whole. I am definitely plan to head back there again in the coming years.


eg-metatopia-1_nThe Playtests

I ran two playtests for Esper Genesis on Friday and learned a lot more on the desire for advanced ship combat rules. I also got a question regarding mass space combat, to which my only reply was “yes, but only after I create an actual mass combat system for D&D”. I had a great table both times on Friday and even though I was exhausted at the 10-Midnight session, it was a fun experience and was very cool to see the game come alive in person.

In Volo’s Wake – A D&D Adventurer’s League module

in-volos-wakeI’m extremely excited and pleased to announce that the Adventurer’s League module, “In Volo’s Wake”, has been made available to local retailers for play to accompany the release of the new Dungeons and Dragons supplement, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, scheduled for release on November 15th.

I am both lucky and grateful to be one of the authors of this collection of adventures. We had a great team led by our project leader Shawn Merwin. I also had the privilege to work alongside Monica Valentinelli, a writer and gamer whom I greatly admire.

In Volo’s Wake is currently only available in local game stores. I plan on making some time to run these adventures at my local gaming outlet, The Adventure Game Store and Dragon’s Lair. The main book, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, should already be available at some local retailers and will be available everywhere next week. I hope all AL gamers have the opportunity to enjoy these adventures as a part of their Adventurer’s League campaign.

Demonbane: Curse of the Demon Stone


Sometime in the early 90’s, a group of friends and I started a random D&D game, most of which ran off the top of my head. The actions of their characters slowly began to weave a storyline that would expand into a game that lasted a few years and even developed it’s own setting. Demonbane was originally intended to be a trilogy of novels, the hopes of which fell short after the acquisition of TSR, Inc. It has now been released in OGL adventure format by Alligator Alley Entertainment.

With time, it is my hope that the new Demonbane Chronicles will grow to become the amazing setting that was the backdrop for the original campaign. The first batch of printed modules will be available at the Origins Game Fair and at GenCon 2016. The PDF version is available now at